Sushi Take-out

One of those Japanese experiences that doesn’t get old for me, even after a decade: going out for sushi. And for budget minded folks like us that means kaitenzushi (回転寿司, conveyor belt sushi). So today we walked to our favorite kaitenzushi spot here in Sapporo, Toriton (トリトン). It’s a medium sized chain that is very popular.

Always crowded at Toriton

Of course, getting a seat at this place can take a while. Like most Japanese restaurants, reservations aren’t taken. On this particular Saturday the wait was looking to be well over an hour.

Unlike most Japanese who gladly wait in lines that wrap around the block, I don’t play that shit. So we went to the take-out counter, where there was zero wait, and decided to enjoy our sushi at our own abode.

Funny thing is that the take-out counter works no differently than that of a normal counter seat. Dishes roll by, you grab what you like, but then transfer the sushi to plastic containers. When you got everything you need the staff count the color and amount of plates you’ve accumulated and tally your bill. The whole process is rather seamless.

We went a little over budget

True, you might not get the full sushi experience by packing up your nigiri in a doggy bag and rolling out the door in 10 minutes. But I enjoyed a comfortable meal with some AccuRadio Christmas tunes, a cheap happoshu beer, and a newly trimmed schnoodle by my side.

What do you think?