Financial Planning for English Language Teachers -Part 1 

This might hit some of you pretty hard, but it’s time I give some of you the lowdown on living in Japan as an English language teacher and how that relates to maintaining financial security. These words might hold true for most types of expats in Japan, but especially for those navigating the unlucrative ESL […]

Tokyo flower stalking, farewell

You may have noticed that my blog output hasn’t been up to snuff recently. Indeed, kanagawacement is going through a bit of a sea change, quite literally. In the last few days I have seen every possession in our apartment packed into more than 50 boxes, our furniture hauled with ropes down the second story […]

Miniaturization of food in Japan

Japan often gets ripped for its astronomical restaurant prices. Sometimes this is unwarranted, more often there is rightful cause. This usually isn’t the case with Japanese foods(soba, ramen,ect), but when it comes to western dishes consumers tend to get the short end of the stick. Amazingly, many Japanese people remain blithely unaware of how long […]


February 3rd was Setsubun in Japan,  marking the seasonal division according to the lunar calendar. Setsubun incorporates elements of Mardi Gras, Halloween, Groundhog day, and culinary geomancy. While  there is ample info about this great traditional holiday available on the web, I’d thought I share some of my experiences from the day. Being that this […]

Micro-Balconying – Enjoying the great outdoors from your apartment balcony

One of the most intriguing things to witness in the Tokyo metroplex is just how little residents utilize balcony space. Most are simply relegated as spaces for hanging laundry, which admittedly, is all there seems to be room for.  But laundry isn’t always drying, and it is in those instances when residents should look to […]


Sakura season came and went in rather delayed fashion in the Tokyo Region this past year. Several weeks behind schedule, the blossoms finally came out around the second week in April and managed to hold on strong for about 10 days. The tree lined road between Musashi-Kosugi and Motosumiyoshi (Nakahara Ward, Kanagawa Prefecture) offered some […]