Birding in the Interregnum

Birds have consumed my daytime hours as the slush flows down the mountains and no footwear matches. Snow spikes, crampons, snowshoes, studded strap-ons, duck boots… all are ineffectual in this climate. Sure you can walk around town just fine these days. The snow is almost completely melted on the city streets. But get into any […]


I’ve been experimenting with Zentangle, an artistic technique that is meditative, relaxing, and not dependent on skill. Some might call it advanced doodling. There might be more to it than that. But I think the results speak for themselves. Bare in mind that I can hardly draw a straight line. I have been very impressed […]

Public Parks that hold you hostage (in a good way)

It’s been awhile.  Not that I haven’t been writing, reading, sketching, and exploring my new town of Sapporo.  Now that I am back in the swing to some degree, and I have a routine of sorts in place, I feel it is important to reveal one element of that routine – public parks. Usually, here […]

New Town, Some Fresh Sketches

Moving to a new place also gets my creative juices flowing. While the unpacking has been tedious, and the  Japanese red-tape involved mind numbing, we have finally gotten completely settled into our new apartment (after two weeks of  early breakfasts camping out at my in-laws). My bookshelf was successfully hauled up through the 5th story […]