New Town, Some Fresh Sketches

Moving to a new place also gets my creative juices flowing. While the unpacking has been tedious, and the  Japanese red-tape involved mind numbing, we have finally gotten completely settled into our new apartment (after two weeks of  early breakfasts camping out at my in-laws). My bookshelf was successfully hauled up through the 5th story balcony and every book meticulously unpacked. All set, time to get sketching. Luckily our dining room window offers one of the better views of Mount Moiwa, its slopes still covered with snow. Here is my first sketch made in Sapporo:

“New Curtains in Sapporo” – watercolor pencil

While waiting for the big move in Kawasaki I made a few final sketches:


A final parting gifts from my school in Yokohama
A final parting gift from my school in Yokohama