100 Yen Knock-Off Nanoblock Inspiration

At heart I guess I am about 8 years old. If I happen to find myself in a 100 Yen shop, I immediately gravitate to the toy section. I can spend hours scouring the shelves, hoping to find some cheap hanafuda variant to add to my collection while my wife stocks up on random household supplies that are far more necessary.

100 Yen Micro Blocks
Not the real thing, but these 100 yen Micro Blocks were still challenging enough for a 39 year old

These small animal sets took a deceptively long time, and easily killed a rainy summer afternoon. Projects like this help spark my creativity, and soon after this build session I busted out the old sketchbook and got back to work. I’m not an artist, but it helps calm the mind. Sometime I just like sketching something previously unexamined from my micro man cave. Take a look at this akabeko toy (a legend from Fukushima) and an early kind of bobblehead:

Akebeko Toy (in motion)

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