Year of the Dog

If you aren’t aware, 2017 is the year of the dog. So let’s take a moment to revel in my dog Sunny’s ridiculous wardrobe. He has an outfit for every single situation, both real and imagined, so this is just a sample.

From top left clockwise: hand-knitted hat, flannel pajamas, chan-chan ko (wan-wan ko), summer sunglasses
Philadelphia Eagles jersey, walkabout hat, summer cooling tank-top (by ALPHAICON), o-pajama (by ALPHAICON), fall blanket
Philadelphia Flyers jersey, summer cooling parka (by ALPHAICON)
fall hoodie, Christmas hoodie (by Pinkaholic), winter down jacket, Halloween bandana
snow dog guard (by ALPHAICON), shima-shima pinstripes, lighted Christmas sweater, dog guard air (by ALPHAICON)

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