Super Strong Sour Plum Doritos

Japan, you finally did it. Congratulations! A sour plum infused Dorito. The world was waiting and you responded, with authority. Not just any sour plum flavour, super strong sour plum! Thank god! We all were wondering when Frito Lay would finally start to innovate.

Not exactly a snack you crave for.

To be honest, these weren’t half as bad as they sound. Nothing like some of the other crackpot flavours I have seen pop up over the years here in Japan. (Pepsi flavoured Cheetos anyone?) Then again, I didn’t really plow through the bag and run out to the store to get more. That pretty much should be the motto for most of these novelty snack flavours – “You won’t eat them all in one sitting!” 

What do you think?