Social Media Cleanse Complete

Well, it’s been a while. A three week trip back to the US put a monkey wrench in my writing. But I have stayed clear of nearly all social media in that span, which has been a welcome addition to my lifestyle. Basically my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts have been completely canceled after the 30 day non-login period. These social media bloodsuckers don’t let you quit cold turkey. They have to drag it out and are counting on you to log back into your account in order to instantly reactivate it.  But I refused to login for a month, didn’t give in, and now they are gone forever. Who knows how much data they are mining from my content. Oh well, dust in the wind hopefully. All that remains is reddit, although I find myself rarely checking it. More or less I check it every other day as a pseudo-news source. But I don’t contribute any posts.

Without Twitter sucking away my soul, I have been able to focus much more on reading, listening to podcasts, and generally just being more mindful of the immediate world around me. It’s been great. One area in particular that has been affected is my perception and mood about Japan. Frankly, 99% of what occurs in this country doesn’t concern me in any way. The last thing I need is the interwebs ramming down my throat every pessimistic opinion. Out of site, out of mind!

What do you think?