Snowfall Anticipation

No major snowfall yet here in Sapporo. It’s that time of the year when we all just wait. I’m expecting a big snow dump this year. We’ve had some relatively mild winters the last few years, and one would think that we are due. Get ready for longer walks to work. Hours of shoveling at the in-laws. But most importantly, long snowshoe treks into the local woods… to escape it all.

It won’t be long, usually by Christmas Day we have some accumulation. Even the Buddhist stone deities along the trails have sprouted newly knitted sweaters (they know what’s up). Always a nice site to see.

These Jizo statues will be buried soon enough by the snow.

Due to the pandemic, which apparently continues until further notice, this year’s Snow Festival will be scaled back, presumably to dissuade tourists. Fine by me. One of the benefits Sapporo’s intense winter is how the streets become mostly abandoned, everyone huddled inside I assume. Always hated the throngs of people that descend on the town in February to see some snow statues of their favorite anime characters. Ruined the mood.

What do you think?