Rainy Day Fishing and The Mushroom Kingdom

Sometime the weather here in Hokkaido fails to cooperate with our fishing schedule. Rain started early last Saturday as just a light drizzle, but quickly turned to a steady downpour. Although we were ready to push through the rain, to a degree, the small Bifue River’s flows quickly surged and basically kept us from any sustained fishing. Maybe got in about 20 minutes of tenkara fishing, but waiving a 4 meter rod with thunder and lighting strikes close by isn’t exactly a relaxing experience. Even though I managed a quick hook up with a tiny yamame, and rises were continuing to come through the raindrops, we quickly decided to pack it in as the rain and danger of electrocution refused to yield.

But because of that drenching and abandonment a new favorite post-fishing-snack-spot has emerged, as my friend reintroduced me to きのこの王国 (The Mushroom Kingdom). This place has it all. Assorted jams made from wild haskap? Check. Meats on a stick? You bet. Some of the best Hokkaido soft cream (¥350) west of Lake Shikotsu. No fisherman could possibly pass that up. Plus, if you thought people watching wasn’t a thing in Japan, just go to The Mushroom Kingdom’s parking lot and soak it in. Bikers wearing every shade of leather. A family of nine falling out of a economy class minivan. Or if your lucky like me, Japanese funeral goers in full mourning garb enjoying a quick snack before their wake down in Hakodate.

So even though our fishing day was a washout, I was glad to get out and about in the environs and enjoy the sites.

(Side Note — There is a second branch of The Mushroom Kingdom to the west of Sapporo, halfway between Yoichi and Kutchan, another prime fishing spot!)

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