Pickle Potato Chips

Sometimes wading through Japan’s obsession with bizarrely flavored snacks, you come across a true gem. Today I present pickle flavored potato chips!

When I saw these I couldn’t believe my eyes. Dill pickles, like the ones featured on the package, aren’t exactly a staple of the Japanese diet. So I was a bit suspicious. But alas, Kaldi got this one right! The pickle taste isn’t overpowering, they still taste like proper bagged potato chips. But there is just a hint of dill, an aftertaste, that makes these one of the better chips I have tasted in the past couple years. Eat a bag of these and you’ll feel like you ate a sandwich(with some side pickles) at a Jewish deli in Flushing.

These are made by Kaldi and can only be found in their shops. If you haven’t been to Kaldi, get there. It is a great import foodstuff shop that specializes in coffee beans. They always have free coffee samples at the entrance, so it makes a good layover even if you are just window shopping.

Note – after some quick research I found that pickle flavor is now pretty commonplace amongst American chip manufacturers. But it is good to know that they are being produced locally here in Japan.

What do you think?