Book Nooks

A nice little project came my way via the interwebs, Pinterest actually, one of the few social networks I sometimes dive into. It’s called a book nook, and it involves crafting a bookend or book spacer into a scene. They are often themed based on the books surrounding it. (i.e. Daigon Alley from Harry Potter or a Narnia wardrobe) One of the most famous book nooks comes out of Japan, Monde’s Tokyo Alleyway. Achieving that level of detail might prove too time consuming for this corona-hermit, but I decided to give it a whirl using some remaindered Nanoblocks, an old headphone box, and some bright zentangle artwork.

First, for my book spacer. I found that my Sony wireless headphone box was sturdy enough. So step one complete!

Since I put my box in my “Japan” section of my bookshelf, I decided to cover it with a hanafuda inspired zentangle piece, which took way too long for my liking.

Then I made a Nanoblock sakura viewing scene in the interior. I cut out some aurora pictures from an old calendar to use as the backdrop, then did my best with some leftover Nanoblocks to make my scene.

All in all, I reckon it came out pretty well. A nice project for these self-isolating times. Here’s a video:

What do you think?