Running Raspbian "Stretch" with NGINX on a Raspberry Pi 3. Hosting my own website, learning as I go, from snowy Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan!

Site Progress

--(1/25/2022) This site still runs despite all my neglect! Hopeful to add some more functionality in the coming year.

--(4/15/2020) Been a while. "Working" from home. Japan doesn't have a clue about coronavirus or the modern world. Taking refuge in my tech!

--(9/9/2018) The new web server was really put through its paces the last few days. A major earthquake, followed by a day long power outage, and the site rebooted with no problem once sanity was restored. ddclient worked properly, and Jetpack (WordPress) even emailed me once my site went back online. Which was nice, since I was able to remotely check whether my apartment had power while holed up at my in-laws.

--(8/15/2018) Well, it's been a rough several weeks of serious troubleshooting and server reconfiguration. But it is safe to say that the site and blog are back and better than ever. The old Raspberry Pi 1 Model B server finally crashed (the SD card got corrupted, the Pi is fine), however I managed to raise the old site from total destruction, like Lazarus. Now she runs smoother and more secure than ever! Stay tuned...

--(12/23/2017) It's been way too long! Will be doing some major house cleaning on this old server and will be migrating from Debian "Wheezy" to "Jessie" - and possibly to "Stretch". That's right, I am two full versions behind and dangerously close to being out of the security update support window. So don't be surprised if the site goes down for a length of time. Praying I don't thrash my system.

--(3/13/2016) Happy Birthday !! This Raspberry Pi powered website/server is still going strong after 2 years of continual uptime! Narely a hitch along the way, even as my RPi Model B has been made obsolete in some tech circles by the RPi2 > Pi Zero > RPi3!! Nevertheless I shall carry on with the legacy hardware!!

--(12/13/2015) Back to building overly ambitious RPI projects. Putting my LPI Essentials and LPIC-1 credentials to good use. Follow me on Twitter @snowsoversappor

--(3/3/2015) Removing as much bloat from Raspbian as possible. Trying to speed up page views, but the Raspberry Pi Model B has limits. RPI2?

--(2/18/2015) Crunchbang Linux died and has risen! But does it really matter?

--(2/5/2015) Gearing up for my LPI Linux Essentials and LPIC-1 tests. Preparing the site for some more development. Reworking my Conky setup on my netbook. Peeing my pants over the Raspberry Pi 2!!!!!!!

--(11/3/2014) Late night adding Goodreads widget to bottom of frontend. Not bad!

--(11/2/2014) Ran into some serious issues with MYSQL server, it had shutdown for some reason - no idea how long the blog was out, but restarted it and everything is groovy again.

--(10/16/2014) Blog going though a theme makeover. Down the rabbit hole again wrapping my head around linux, studying for the LPI 1 and Essentials certification!

--(6/9/2014) Changed the hover boxes color scheme, added some info/links to the Raspi Webserver page.

--(6/6/2014) Changing some of the color schemes, finally found a nice blue that I like, formatting the hover boxes on the menu is still a work in progress.

--(6/3/2014) Unified most of the css for all the pages of the website. Blog continues to run smoothly. Experimenting with scrolling text box on the front index.html page.----------------------- :) ----------->

--(5/18/2014) Finally squared away the migration of my blog to my self