Japanese School Lunch

The one and only thing Japan does well in regards to their school system is school lunch (給食, kyushoku). Each day, for a very reduced fee, elementary and most junior high schools, provide a highly balance Japanese style lunch. Each calorie and nutrient is carefully considered. Sugar and processed foods are kept to a minimum. There are no vending machines. No bringing in outside foods.

pork cutlet, white rice, miso soup – a fairly typical Japanese school lunch

I’ll admit that sometimes certain dishes are less than palatable. But I know for certain that my body is getting exactly what it needs.

The Japanese take great pride in their school lunch. Many adults often pine over their kyushoku days. My wife was noticeably jealous when she learned I would be getting school lunch when I began working in the public schools here in Sapporo. (all school employees also get lunch at the same reduced rate) There even is a recent trend of restaurants serving exclusively school lunch menus. (Check out Kyushoku Toban) Yes, at an inflated price, you can pay to relive your kyushoku days. They even serve milk in the tiny cartons!

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