I Smell Snow…

Fresh powder as snowshoeing season begins on Asahiyama

When 48 hours of near continuous snowfall dumped on Sapporo this past weekend, I had one thought on my mind – laying the first tracks in the 3-4 feet of unpacked powder. Even as I shoveled snow for nearly 5 total hours, I mentally planned my routes for the snowshoeing season that was suddenly upon us. A full 2 weeks earlier than the last couple years I might add!

So when I was released from the prison of work shortly after lunch on Monday (great timing for an early release day), I bolted to the tram, got home in about 25 min, did a quick change, grabbed my Tubbs Wilderness size 36, and run-walked to the closest trail head featuring ungroomed snow trails.

Blue skies, and untouched drifts await me at Asahiyama’s summit.

When I reached the trail I literally had to do a standing jump up onto the snow to get started. The powder was nearly too deep! Took me a bit of time to re-calibrate myself to snowshoe life, but within a few minutes I was on my way up a pristine virgin snow trail, untouched by humans.

Those tracks…yeh, they are mine.

There’s more snowshoeing to come in the coming months, but Asahiyama Park is kind of my home turf and a great place to start winter snow trekking – especially when your body is severely in need of a tune-up.

What do you think?