Social Media Cleanse Complete

Well, it’s been a while. A three week trip back to the US put a monkey wrench in my writing. But I have stayed clear of nearly all social media in that span, which has been a welcome addition to my lifestyle. Basically my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts have been completely canceled after the […]

Farewell Social Media… forever?

I’ve gone back in forth on my relationship with social media. I went cold turkey off all of it a few years back only to have that experiment fail spectacularly. That led me to my most recent period of social media addiction, where I made accounts with countless platforms and allowed several hours per day […]

A Windows Free Apartment

Well, not quite. But it just got a lot closer. A few weeks ago I took some space from my ridiculously large Windows partition (200 Gb of 600 Gb free space) on my daily driver Toshiba Dynabook laptop and installed Peppermint OS, a semi-lightweight Ubuntu based Linux distro. It was a bit worrying. I had […]

Death of a Linux Workhorse

My old Linux powered Toshiba netbook, the NB205-N210, finally breathed it’s last spark of electricity on September 3rd, 2018. She put up a noble fight, but her small internal fan had given out and something was causing consistently random reboots / screen lockups. (probably from a failing internal power supply) It all just got to […]

A Self Hosted Blog Nightmare

Self-hosting a WordPress blog on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B has its share of challenges. Setting up your LAMP stack from scratch, updating the OS regularly, and a variety of other issues force you to learn the nuances of web server administration, sometimes on the fly. One of those necessary duties is regularly backing […]

5 Apps for Meditative Commutes

In recent months I have really streamlined my phone, but there are some apps that I use regularly that make the humid summer days of no-aircon Sapporo pass a little more smoothly. First, the phone: the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I know it’s not the latest model, but until NTT docomo or a competitor offers […]

Minimalism Gone Wild

I had been a ruthless accumulator of things. Everything was piling up, especially books. Though our apartment is fairly well organized and generally clean, I couldn’t help but notice a kind of burden my pack-rat lifestyle was reeking on my mind. I also wondered if there was other unforeseen benefits that might occur if I […]

Three Raspberry Pies Please!

Way back I wrote about how my disgust for Windows XP’s language region lock down, caused me to shun proprietary software, embrace GNU/Linux, and extend the life and capabilities of my low spec Toshiba netbook. This in turn got be further entrenched in the open source world, where I found the Raspberry Pi. My first […]

Review: Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection

Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection by Jacob Silverman My rating: 3 of 5 stars Having recently decided as a New Year’s resolution to actually increase my social media presence in the coming year, this book was a particularly frightening depiction of our current enslavement to these powers and the […]