Because Japan

Since my first visits to Japan, I would come across a variety of gadgets in stores like Don Quijote and Tokyu Hands, that made me scratch my head. Some of the more interesting of those quirky products are beer can attachments that create a creamier, more substantial head after pouring. This has always perplexed me. Beer foam, serves no purpose but for asthetic pleasure. Besides, with the right tilt and speed of pour, anyone can transfer a brew from can to mug/glass that results in a decent enough presentation.

Man was I wrong! Apparently, the Japanese have an almost OCD like desire to produce tall milky white foam heads on every beer they pour. You can see it in their TV commercials and especially on larger billboard ads. Without an inordinant amount of creamy ediface, a beer is almost worthless here in old Nippon! How such an asthetic quality got elevated to this degree is beyond the scope of this blog. But needless to say, it slightly disturbs me.

Beer foam perfection has recently creeped it’s way into my daily life.  I was recently gifted one of these contraptions for Christmas. What can I say? It makes beer foam look better. That’s about it. I suppose it polishes a turd, like Sapporo’s Mugi to Hop The Gold (麦とホップ). But stay away from my canned Guinness, you cursed devil machine!



What do you think?