A Miniature Library Inside My Library

My COVID-19 quarantine is now being rudely interrupted by a return to work next week. No idea how long that will last, what the infection rates are, or what the forecast is. I haven’t read or seen “the News” in about three weeks, and it has transformed my life!

With all that cleared out mind space, I have been putting to good use my miniature modeling skills. Mainly, I have been focused on Rolife’s “Sam’s Study”. This kit tested my patience like none other. I had to cut, fold, and glue over a hundred mini books, I nearly lost my mind installing the battery powered LED chandelier, and I cursed the heavens as I used tweezers to attach each painting to the cluttered walls. The detail was overwhelming. And now, after two months straining my eyes, “Sam’s Study” sits snugly between my tomes, like it was meant to be there all along.

A perfect book nook, thanks to some factory in mainland China
A closer look reveals a lot of detail
The wiring for the lighting was not easy

What have you been up to during this “situation”? Back away from the TV. The reality is that all news is fake news… doesn’t matter what “show” you watch.

What do you think?