Running Raspbian "Stretch" with NGINX on a Raspberry Pi 3. Hosting my own website, learning as I go, from snowy Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan!

Site Progress

--(8/15/2018) Well, it's been a rough several weeks of serious troubleshooting and server reconfiguration. But it is safe to say that the site and blog are back and better than ever. The old Raspberry Pi 1 Model B server finally crashed (the SD card got corrupted, the Pi is fine), however I managed to raise the old site from total destruction, like Lazarus. Now she runs smoother and more secure than ever! Stay tuned...

--(12/23/2017) It's been way too long! Will be doing some major house cleaning on this old server and will be migrating from Debian "Wheezy" to "Jessie" - and possibly to "Stretch". That's right, I am two full versions behind and dangerously close to being out of the security update support window. So don't be surprised if the site goes down for a length of time. Praying I don't thrash my system.

--(3/13/2016) Happy Birthday !! This Raspberry Pi powered website/server is still going strong after 2 years of continual uptime! Narely a hitch along the way, even as my RPi Model B has been made obsolete in some tech circles by the RPi2 > Pi Zero > RPi3!! Nevertheless I shall carry on with the legacy hardware!!

--(12/13/2015) Back to building overly ambitious RPI projects. Putting my LPI Essentials and LPIC-1 credentials to good use. Follow me on Twitter @snowsoversappor

--(3/3/2015) Removing as much bloat from Raspbian as possible. Trying to speed up page views, but the Raspberry Pi Model B has limits. RPI2?

--(2/18/2015) Crunchbang Linux died and has risen! But does it really matter?

--(2/5/2015) Gearing up for my LPI Linux Essentials and LPIC-1 tests. Preparing the site for some more development. Reworking my Conky setup on my netbook. Peeing my pants over the Raspberry Pi 2!!!!!!!

--(11/3/2014) Late night adding Goodreads widget to bottom of frontend. Not bad!

--(11/2/2014) Ran into some serious issues with MYSQL server, it had shutdown for some reason - no idea how long the blog was out, but restarted it and everything is groovy again.

--(10/16/2014) Blog going though a theme makeover. Down the rabbit hole again wrapping my head around linux, studying for the LPI 1 and Essentials certification!

--(6/9/2014) Changed the hover boxes color scheme, added some info/links to the Raspi Webserver page.

--(6/6/2014) Changing some of the color schemes, finally found a nice blue that I like, formatting the hover boxes on the menu is still a work in progress.

--(6/3/2014) Unified most of the css for all the pages of the website. Blog continues to run smoothly. Experimenting with scrolling text box on the front index.html page.----------------------- :) ----------->

--(5/18/2014) Finally squared away the migration of my blog to my self